My name is Bina Nagla. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had this immense passion for cooking. I always loved to help my mom in the kitchen. Whether it was washing the vegetables, chopping them up or even helping with stirring the pot, I loved to be in the kitchen.

As I grew older I found a new addiction, BAKED GOODS!! I dreamed of baking my very own chocolate chip cookie. One that was moist, chewy yet chocolaty at the same time. At the age of 9, I decided to take a leap and try to bake the cookie of my dreams. I went through my grandma’s numerous baking books until I found a recipe that was simple enough to give a try. After much trial and error of my cookies being too hard or too buttery, I decided to change the method on how i combined the ingredients. Sure enough, I succeeded! Years went by and I had created many cookies, muffins, tarts and pies.

I had a huge awakening when I started home economics in middle school. I was fascinated that I had my very own kitchen to cook in. I continued to take cooking classes up until Grade 12 where I was awarded the Top Chef award. My cooking took off over the past 6 years. I learned how to make healthy home style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Which lands us here where I’ve decided to create this blog 🙂 Many of my inspirations come from posts on instragram, Pintrest, Yummly and of course Google! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @binanagla. Happy Cooking!

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