Are you ready for something super easy? Something super quick? Something deliciously good? Look no further! These cute little teddy graham conversation hearts are the best thing ever! I was on Pinterest and randomly came across this idea posted by Hello Wonderful.  I saw it and immediately knew I had to make these at home! And I kid you not, they’re super super super easy to make. Like literally, you need three ingredients. THREE! All you need are teddy grahams (any flavour will do!), conversation hearts and icing.

teddy-graham-2Okay, here’s the easy part. Putting them together!! Simply take a teddy graham, add some icing onto the back of the conversation heart and stick onto the bear. See so easy! And it’s an fun treat to put together with your young kids! 🙂

Here are some of the cute messages

Or my favourite one that my boyfriend loves to call me


They sort of remind me of the Care Bears. I’m not going to lie, but I did sing the theme song while making these 🙂 Just do the Care Bear’s Countdown 5,4,3,2,1!


Now to the hard part….eating them! I mean how dare you eat them?!




I’ve been meaning to make these cupcakes for quite some time now and I finally got a chance this weekend 🙂 This idea was inspired by my favorite baking site Bakerella!

I started off with my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart called ‘Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes‘. These cupcakes turn out amazing each time I make a batch. They also have a double dose of vanilla extract to make them extra special.  I let these cupcakes cool while I whipped up some frosting. I used the basic vanilla buttercream frosting which was also from Martha Stewart. IMG_2943

I get all of my baking necessities from a local store near work called Scoop and Save. They sell everything there!! From liners to cookie cutters to piping tips to sprinkles, it is literally my one stop shop for all of my baking items.

Once the cupcakes were done cooling, I used my IA piping tip to ice the cupcakes. I then used some sanding sugar to coat the top of the frosted cupcakes. I then used 8mm white pearls for the ears, black pearls for the eyes, candy eyes for the nose and finally pink confetti sprinkles for the tongue.

These cupcakes sure were easy to make 🙂