Gingerbread and fall just go so nicely hand in hand:) And of course when hearing the word fall…HALLOWEEN comes to mind! I thought of this cute gingerbread spin off while grocery shopping at Costco a couple of weeks ago. I’m still tweaking the gingerbread recipe but hopefully it’ll be good to go by Christmas time šŸ˜€

These cookies are so easy to make that even your kids will want to help make them! Simply prepare your favourite gingerbread recipe and use cookie cutters to cut out your shapes. For these cookies, I used my gingerbread man cookie cutter that I found on Amazon. I love the cute little grips on the Wilton cutters. They definitely come in handy when you make over 100 cookies šŸ™‚ Throughout the years, I’ve realized that after you cut our your cookies, refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes before putting them into the oven. This ALWAYS ensures the cookie shape is still intact. I learned this the hard way when I made Christmas tree cookies and ended up with a full sheet of just one melted cookie.

The fun part begins once the cookies are done baking in the oven šŸ™‚ Usually, I would use Royal Icing but I didn’t have the time to prepare some. Well, actually I was just plain lazy šŸ˜‰ Instead I sifted up some icing sugar and added some boiling hot water. Super easy and simple! Just ensure the icing sugar is sifted and the ratio used was 1 cup icing sugar with 1 tsp of hot water.

I ran out of piping bags at home so I just used a Ziploc bag and piped the design on šŸ™‚ I then coloured some of the icing black and made some eyes! Again so simple and easy to make!




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