Who doesn’t love some warm cookies with cold milk??! My siblings and I used to love making the Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast on Sunday mornings. We recently actually just made them a couple of days ago. I took a bite into them and found them full of a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. I then went onto the Pillsbury website and found it quite funny how they refused to disclose the ingredients! I absolutely hate buying pre-packaged mixes or ready made dough. Why not make a fresh batch of cookies using ingredients that you can control? I also love making food at home because I can absolutely know exactly what is going into the batch. Since I’m allergic to all nuts and coconuts I’m always very cautious of cross contamination. The last thing that I want is an allergic reaction to a pre-packaged cookie dough mix!

Here are a couple of neat tricks that I do while making cookies to have them come out perfectly every time! 🙂

– Never pack your flour when measuring it! While baking, people tend to use their measuring cup as a scoop and scoop out their flour. I always spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level it off with a spatula. This will eliminate that brick hard cookie that no one can ever bite into. I then sift this to ensure there are no lumps!

– Use an ice cream scoop to form your cookie dough balls! This will ensure every cookie will have the same amount of dough and will come out the same size.

– Refrigerate your cookie dough balls before baking them! By refrigerating your cookie dough it will not only harden the butter but it will also give the flour more time to absorb the liquid in the egg. It also lets the enzymes in the flour and egg yolk break down carbs into simple sugars. By doing so the cookies will taste sweet and will caramelize faster when baking!

– Always take your cookies out right when they start turning golden brown. Trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way. Growing up, I would always keep the cookies in the oven until they started getting brown. By the time I would take them out…they’d be burnt! If you remove the cookies just when they’ve turned golden brown they will continue cooking on your hot baking sheet until you set them on a cooling rack 🙂

Here is a link to my favourite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe! Enjoy! 😀
FullSizeRender (23)



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