After having yet another Godfather marathon with my boyfriend a couple of days ago, I started having this craving for some homemade cannoli. I think to this day I’ve watched all three Godfather movies at least over a hounded times.

godfather19 (1)Although I love all three movies, I think Godfather III was my favourite. One of my favourite scenes from Godfather was when Rocco Lampone kills Paulie Gatto and Peter Clemenza tells Rocco to ‘Leave the gun. Take the cannoli’ 😀

1865-3One of my favourite scenes from Godfather III was when Vincent Corleone killed Joey Zasa ( I could watch that scene over and over again!!). Another great scene was when Connie Corleone presented Don Altobello with a box of poisoned cannoli as a birthday gift, it looked so good and tasty! I could totally go on about all amazing scenes from Godfather but to tell you the truth, each and every scene from all three movies are pretty amazing!

Since I just had my prk and cornea cross linking surgeries done on my left eye and still have the bandages in, I’ve been super limited to what I can do. I just started driving a couple of days ago and one of my first trips out was to find some amazing cannoli shells 🙂 I was originally going to make these shells at home using some cannoli forms that I found on Amazon. They are actually super neat and very easy to use. Normally you would prepare your cannoli dough, cut a 5 inch circle of the dough, wrap it around the tube and deep fry it (with the tube inside so it will hold its shape). Once the cannoli shell has been cooled, the tube is to be removed for the filling.

For today, I didn’t have the patience to prepare the dough and deep fry it. Instead, I visited our local bakery called Inno Bakery for the cannoli shells. I absolutely love their selection of fresh breads and of course cheese!! If you are going to buy some cannoli shells, do make sure you call your bakery beforehand so they can set some aside for you. I did find that our local grocery stores did not carry cannoli shells and many got them confused with the cannelloni pasta shells. So you are better off finding them in an Italian bakery. I fell in love with these shells from the moment I opened the box that they came in! They were just so perfect and crunchy that I didn’t even want to eat them!FullSizeRender (20)

This cannoli recipe is super easy to make and trust me, you won’t be satisfied with just one (I know since I’ve had 4 so far) All you need for this recipe are cannoli shells, ricotta cheese, whipped cream, icing sugar and of course some cinnamon 🙂 To fill these shells I used just a regular piping bag, a large coupler and a Wilton 6B tip. You can use any tip but I wanted the open star effect on these cannolis.

FullSizeRender (21)


  • Servings: 16 pieces
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


– 16 cannoli shells
– 2 cups of ricotta cheese (drained in a strainer for at least 1 hour)
– ¾ cup of icing sugar (sifted)
– 1 tsp of cinnamon
– ¼ cup of whipped cream
– icing sugar, melted chocolate or chocolate chips for topping


1) In a large bowl, combine the ricotta cheese, sifted icing sugar and cinnamon.
2) Beat the whipped cream in a separate bowl using either a hand or stand mixer.
3) Fold in the whipped cream into the ricotta cheese mixture.
4) Refrigerate mixture for at least ½ an hour to an hour.
5) Remove the mixture and fill the shells. I found this step was made easy by using a piping bag with a large tip. Fill half of the shell and turn around and repeat.
6) Sprinkle with either icing sugar, melted chocolate or chocolate chips….Or of course you could do all three 😀

FullSizeRender (19)


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