I’ve been wanting to make chicken fajitas in a cast iron for quite some time now. We do have a regular cast iron at home but i wanted the authentic fajita cast iron skillet( The kind that you get served at a Mexican restaurant) :). This has the authentic oval cast iron skillet, an oval piece of wood and also a neat little oven mitt to use for transferring the skillet onto the piece of wood. I drove around Coquitlam today to try to find one for myself. I do know that Lodge makes an amazing authentic fajita cast iron skillet! I had no luck at Target, London Drugs, The Bay, Walmart, Winners and of course Sears. Sears did however let me know that they usually get these in stock towards October and November for Christmas time. I think I’ll be buying one from Amazon for the time being 😉

I combined corn starch, ground cumin, fresh garlic, chili powder, paprika, salt and some poultry seasoning as a marinate for my chicken which I let marinate for a couple of hours. I sliced up some sweet onions and some red & green peppers and sprinkled salt & pepper on them. Combine all these in your cast iron and voila! Amazing, fresh homemade chicken fajitas that will be gone within seconds 😀

photo (9)


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